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Financial Difficulties

Fitzwilliam Loan Management (“FLM”) service mortgages on behalf of third parties. At FLM we are committed to working with our customers and are very aware that in the current economic environment borrowers can experience financial difficulties. We also understand that each borrower’s individual financial circumstances are unique and each case needs to be assessed on its own merits.

If you are currently experiencing financial difficulties or are concerned about your financial position please contact us. The earlier we are made aware of the situation, the sooner we can work together to endeavour to find a solution.


Lenders are restricted from imposing charges and /or surcharge interest on arrears arising on a mortgage account in arrears to which the Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears 2013 applies unless the borrower is not co-operating.

If you are not co-operating charges may apply in line with regulation, facility documentation and security documentation. Such charges may include surcharge interest.

Useful Documents

Standard Financial Statement – this form is to be completed for facilities in MARP to provide financial information.

Standard Financial Statement supplement

Statement of Affairs

SOA declaration

SOA glossary

SME booklet – provides information for Small and Medium Enterprises in financial difficulties.

MARP booklet – a guide to our Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process.

SFS Guide – Central Bank of Ireland's Consumer Guide to Completing a Standard Financial Statement

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